CSP Cargo S.r.l.

Pet moves worldwide: pet home pickup and/or shipper accompaniment home/airport/home provided on request, import pets clearance and home delivery;

Home pickup, deliveries and air shipping of general freight and personal luggage;

Handling support to Airlines: export freight loading instructions, freight load supervision, ULD and loose freight weight checks, ULDs labelling , mishandled freight and tracing action follow-up in liaison with Airport Handling Company, delivery of import documents to consignees, import documents sales reports;

Quick clearance and delivery with our own means of conveyance of A.O.G. (Aircraft On Ground) spares for aircraft subject to maintenance and repair;

Palletised and non palletised truck loading arranged in our own warehouse;

Truck loading and unloading at Aeroporti di Roma Import Export Cargo Terminal;

Customs assistance for incoming and outgoing passengers provided;

General Import and Export Customs services and formalities (processed through direct online link with Ministry of Finance);

Customs bond store;

Airfreight consolidations breakdown;

Customized assistance and support.