Flyluggage è un servizio CSP Cargo S.r.l.
Flyluggage è un servizio CSP Cargo S.r.l.


FLYLUGGAGE™ is a service addressed to those who need to send or receive via air (known as “non accompanying luggage” or “luggage without passenger”) personal objects, diplomatic material, sampling and various.

FLYLUGGAGE™ is a “House-to-house service” done towards our “Moving Unit”, in Rome centre or surroundings and, possible requests for other destinations, can be taken into consideration.
This kind of service is available both for Export, which easily permits to send a luggage, a sheaf of papers or a package with retreat nearby your domicile from CSP CARGO, as well as for IMPORT which allows to delegate custom clearance and connected luggage delivery nearby your domicile.
To enter this kind of service it is enough to get via fax a delegation from you, a copy of your passport and the air packing list.

Our “Moving Unit” is provided of forklift truck, scale, POS for making easier payments with credit cards.

FLYLUGGAGE™ is an exclusive service which allows to send your luggage from home, hotels, offices, shops or warehouses and at the same time receive luggage from Rome Fiumicino Airport to your domicile.

FLYLUGGAGE™ has several benefits, as security, garanteed by IATA conditions foreseen for the air transportation, simplicity, comfort, speed of delivery / retreat, thanks to serious staff of CSP CARGO, who takes care of your luggage, of its transport and of its shipment.